Groovy UV

Groovy UV is the established UK No.1 Blacklight Ultra-Violet 'glow-in-the-dark' performance company with more than 20 years' specialist experience in the field With the Groovy UV H.Q. located at the heart of the country it's the perfect location for supplying the entire UK And the visual nature of Blacklight Theatre takes Groovy UV all around the world

As well as our visual work to musical soundtracks (UNIVERSAL FORMAT) Groovy UV also perform material in 5 European languages (EUROPEAN FORMAT) = English, Spanish, French, German & Italian and English Only (ENGLISH FORMAT) That's why Groovy UV is not only the Official UK No.1, but also the most diverse & versatile supplier of quality UV goods & services to a global market.We will even translate or create material for your own choice of language

Whatever the event or occasion  (Christmas, product launch, Halloween, wedding, festival, corporate party) Groovy UV has a wealth of material to choose from and we are constantly adding to our repertoire

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