Ollie Collins Magic

Ollie Collins Magic proudly presents a brand new exciting visual comedy magic  and  illusion experience aimed at audiences of all ages! Let  yourself be dazzled by Ollie and his assistant performing new, unusual and some  old classics tricks, which encourages audience participation yet keeping a very  special light-hearted comedy twist. Ollie perfected his shows whilst working onboard cruise ships but since returning UK the shows have really come to life with large illusions  and using clever UV effect lighting to make the show stunningly visual. We  have also introduced a brand new unique Illusion called 'The Compressed' which was built  just for us. 

His shows are for a family audience and keeps a light heated comedy twist that encourages participation and includes a child section that compliments the show perfectly but also can be adapted for an adult audience.

The show is perfect for Corporate and Private Functions, Cruise Ships, Holiday Parks and Hotels and being a flexible magician Ollie can tailor his show to any audience, situation and occasion.

For international travel and cruise ships, all of the equipment can be flat packed which fits in one crate we have had specifically made that can be freighted or by transported by air. If required the show can be adapted and condensed to fit inside a suitcase and briefcase by replacing the larger illusions with more breathtaking and belly laughing magic! This is a real benefit in terms of logistics and with a setup time of approximately 10 minutes you will have a show that will last in your memory... FOREVER.

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